Ecomssa provides bearings of the most recognized brands, with decades of experience, our bearings manufacturers offer reliable, accurate and competitive cost-effective solutions.

- Floor bearings
- Wall bearings
- Wall bearings flanged for 2 and 4 screws
- Tension bearings
- Bipartite floor bearings
- Sanitary bearings



It's been almost three decades of commercializing products and equipment that come from around the world a search for reliable manufacturers of knowing the characteristics of their offer and their behavior under actual operating conditions. Our catalog is the result of constant update with the best in the market.

Since 1986, we offer proven engineering in the Mexican and Central American industry.

- It is proven service and maintenance.
- It is talented engineering guaranteed.
- It is Ecomssa.

Speed Reducers
Conveyor Belts and Chains
Transport Buckets
Material Handling Equipment