Conveyor Belts and Chains
We specialize in transportation systems for the Food & Beverage industry. We have the support and advice of the most recognized distributors for this line of products worldwide to help you in all your needs. The brands that we represent are leaders in the market.

We have a wide variety of products in stock, we can guarantee a convenient and reliable delivery; special orders can be delivered in short term.

Our customer service, sales and technical assistance departments are at your disposal for urgent deliveries.

- Table Top Steel and Plastic Chains
- Belt Chains
- Curved Chains
- Sprockets and Components



It's been almost three decades of commercializing products and equipment that come from around the world a search for reliable manufacturers of knowing the characteristics of their offer and their behavior under actual operating conditions. Our catalog is the result of constant update with the best in the market.

Since 1986, we offer proven engineering in the Mexican and Central American industry.

- It is proven service and maintenance.
- It is talented engineering guaranteed.
- It is Ecomssa.

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Conveyor Belts and Chains
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