Transport Buckets
We are distributors of transport buckets from top brands in a variety of sizes and materials. The buckets we offer are the key element for your elevator or transport materials systems.

Featuring buckets for the cement, mining and food industries. We have been over 20 years moving our customers’ materials. Even in hazardous environments where friction has to be highly controllable.

We have all kinds of buckets for centrifugal or continuous elevators made out of polyethylene, nylon, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile iron and cast steel.

- CC-HD buckets
- CC-XD buckets
- Low Profile buckets
- Welded Steel CC buckets
- Other fabricated steel buckets
- European style buckets
- Industtrial AA type buckets
- Industrial AC and ACS buckets
- Welded buckets for continuous duty
- SC welded buckets
- Screws, nuts and washers for elevators
- Abrasion resistant joints
- Conveyor hanging buckets


It's been almost three decades of commercializing products and equipment that come from around the world a search for reliable manufacturers of knowing the characteristics of their offer and their behavior under actual operating conditions. Our catalog is the result of constant update with the best in the market.

Since 1986, we offer proven engineering in the Mexican and Central American industry.

- It is proven service and maintenance.
- It is talented engineering guaranteed.
- It is Ecomssa.

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