We specialize in providing to a variety of industries, among which are the Cement and Steel industries. We have the highest efficiency and durability rollers for the toughest operating environments.

We have the widest range of rollers in various materials from metal to porcelain. Our expertise in applications and conditions of use allows us to suggest you solutions to load or transport more efficiently all materials.

- Load Rollers
- Return Rollers
- Polyurethane Rollers
- Impact beds
- Polyethylene Rollers
- Self-aligning Roller
- Special Rollers
- Live Arrow Rollers
- Spiral Type Rollers
- Catenary Rollers


It's been almost three decades of commercializing products and equipment that come from around the world a search for reliable manufacturers of knowing the characteristics of their offer and their behavior under actual operating conditions. Our catalog is the result of constant update with the best in the market.

Since 1986, we offer proven engineering in the Mexican and Central American industry.

- It is proven service and maintenance.
- It is talented engineering guaranteed.
- It is Ecomssa.

Speed Reducers
Conveyor Belts and Chains
Transport Buckets
Material Handling Equipment